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Holiday 2023 Schedule

Locations and Hours For November and December Holiday Shows

  • Nov 18th Wayne Firehouse 10-3
  • Nov 19th  Owego Rotary Craft show 9-3

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble

  • Nov 24th Callicoon NY at Delaware Youth Center 10-4
  • Nov 25th  Hancock NY Elementary School from 9-2
  • Nov 26th Rafters Tavern Callicoon NY 1-6
  • Nov 29th  Delhi Farmers Market 10-2
  • Dec 1st  SUNY Delhi 10-3
  • Dec 2nd  Hurleyville NY Holiday Show
  • Dec 3rd Roscoe Ladies Auxiliary Craft Fair from 10-3 at Firehouse
  • Dec 5th & 6th  Lourdes Hospital Lobby sale 10-5
  • Dec 9th  BETHELWOODS Holiday Market In The Sheds from 12 noon until 7 pm
  • Dec 10th Liberty Elks Lodge 9-3
  • Dec 13th&14th Lourdes Hospital Lobby 10-5
  • Dec 15th through Dec 23rd  at THE OAKDALE MALL Johnson city mall hours near Cinnabon

Happy Holidays!

ZZZZZZZ the Jewelry Elf sleeps

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Fall 2023 Show Schedule

Fall is here

These are my shows for the Fall season:

  • Oct.1 Bethelwoods Harvest Festival 11-4
  • Oct.4 & 5 Lourdes Hospital Binghamton 9-5
  • Oct  6 & 7 Hancock NY Octoberfest 10-4
  • Oct 8 Hurleyville scarecrow festival 12-4
  • Oct 11 Delhi farmers market  10-2
  • Oct 18 Delhi farmers market  10-2
  • Oct 21 Liberty Elks club craft show 10-3
  • Oct 25 Delhi farmers market  10-2
Lourdes Hospital (Binghamton) 
  • Oct 4 & 5
  • Nov 15 & 16
  • Dec 5 & 6
  • Dec 14 & 15
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Bethel Woods Harvest Festival 2019

Cooler gorgeous weather means one thing, September Sundays you will find me at Bethel Woods for the Harvest Festival. First one is for the books with high attendance and tons of fun to be had by all. I was so happy to see so many of you; catching up with old friends and making new ones. Here are some pics of our time together. Hope to see you all there on Sunday!

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Woodstock50 Celebration! Bethelwoods

Woodstock 50 was incredible and I’ll be passing the love along by restocking this week getting ready for the following schedule:
8/24 Bethel NY at Catskill Distillery 12-5
8/25 Bethel NY at catskill Distillery 12-5
8/26&27 Vestal NY at Lourdes Medical on Shippers Road from 11-5
8/28 Delhi Farmers Market town square 10-2
8/30&31 Bethel NY at Catskill Distillery 12-5
September 1 is the starts of Bethelwoods Harvest Festival that runs every Sunday during the month of September.
See you there!

Lori and Gayle leaning on Bethelwoods colorful van
Woodstock50 Celebrations- sisters!

Lori and Gayle with attendee wearing a fool's hat
Woodstock50 Celebrations with kindred spirits!

Lori with a satisfied customer wearing iconic peace sign necklace
Woodstock50 Celebrations – Look who’s wearing a flower peace necklace? Peace all!

Lori with another satisfied customer wearing her peace sign necklace.
Woodstock50 Celebrations- Peace flower necklace for all! A bestseller.