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Lori Rae’s work has been featured in many national publications, fine boutiques and specialty stores around the world.

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Born into the gold and diamond business, Lori Rae was drawn to the decorative and performing arts. After following her passion as a figure skater and dancer, Lori Rae used her arts education and began a lucrative career in jewelry design. Her elegant and simple designs that flow with movement and color soon developed a successful following with an impressive clientele.

Lori Rae’s work has been featured in many national publications and fine boutiques and stores around the world. Her pieces have appeared on several soap operas. After an exciting and fast paced life in Manhattan, Lori Rae lived in Long Beach, NY where her designs were inspired by her love for the ocean. Now she enjoys her country home in Upstate New York, where the tranquil setting combined with Nature’s beautiful displays are a constant inspiration for her original designs.
“Jewelry has always played a significant role in the journey of my life. Through my designs, I hope to inspire, intrigue, and invite you to join me as we continue on this fabulous journey together”


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